Calverley Old Hall

A medieval manor in West Yorkshire

Grade I listed Calverley Old Hall is an exceptional building between Leeds and Bradford.  A manor house has existed here since at least 1136, and the site has been developed and altered over several centuries. Today it stands on the cusp of another exciting phase.

For nearly 500 years the house was owned by the Calverley family, Lords of the Manor of Calverley. Generations of Calverleys extended the complex, which includes a two-storey, largely 14th-century Solar Block, a late 15th-century Great Hall and Chapel, plus an early 16th-century Parlour Block and a 17th century Lodging Block. In the 18th century, after the departure of the Calverley family, the large internal spaces were subdivided into several cottages. Gradually, decline set in and the building was recognised as being at-risk in 1966.

We acquired Calverley Old Hall in 1981 to prevent its sale in three separate lots, ensuring that it could remain in single ownership. We restored the 17th century Lodging Block into inspiring holiday accommodation for five people, since enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. The rest of the building was made watertight and safe, while life tenancies in some of the cottages came to an end. Full restoration remained a long-standing goal, and in recent years we’ve explored a number of options for the complex site.

During 2017 we renewed our commitment to finding a mixed-use solution to conserve and transform the whole building, launching an international architectural competition to find an innovative architect. Seventy-five firms submitted designs and, following a rigorous judging process, we appointed the award-winning Cowper Griffith. We’re now busy developing detailed plans, and are looking forward to embarking on an exciting project to finally revive the entire site.