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Your support can make a real difference to the preservation and enjoyment of the UK’s architectural heritage. Our current appeals have already motivated many to donate. We hope you will join them. People choose to support Landmark in many ways. See the full range of options.

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Appeal to save Calverley Old Hall

Exceptional Grade I-listed medieval manor house in Yorkshire at risk.

An exciting solution is now within reach, which will transform the whole site for new uses, thus securing its future. With your support, we will create a spectacular new Landmark for 10, and a dedicated space for the community. Throughout the restoration, rare craft skills will be passed on to trainees and apprentices. Please help if you can 

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The Restoration of Fairburn Tower

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One of Scotland's most prized tower houses, Fairburn Tower in Ross-shire, Scotland is currently being restored thanks to a two-year fundraising appeal and funds raised from generous supporters.


Future Projects

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Here at Landmark, we are approached with around 150 endangered historic buildings each year. Here are a few buildings that may become future projects.

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