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In Britain, 10,000 listed buildings are officially designed 'at risk' and their future is uncertain. Each year we are unable to rescue many endangered buildings simply because we do not have the funds to restore them.

Ensure our past has a future

Since 1965 we have been saving historic buildings at risk, giving them a new and secure future. Our simple, self-sustaining mission ensure that these buildings will never again fall into decay and will be enjoyed for generations to come. We depend on the generosity of individuals, with gifts in wills playing a vital role in our work.

Help us to sustain traditional craft skills. Many of our buildings require specialist restoration techniques and we provide opportunities for craft training, so these ancient skills survive.

Frequently asked questions 

Free online will writing service

It’s one of those jobs many of us put off, but having an up-to-date will is important. We've teamed up with Bequeathed so you can make your Will For Good using their free online service, which is safe, secure and convenient.

Simply follow the steps to get started online. A legal professional will then advise you in a free 30-minute appointment, in person, or over the phone. They’ll help you with getting it signed and witnessed and store it for you, also free of charge.

There is never any charge for a standard will, which is suitable for most people. If your circumstances are more complex and you require further legal advice, the legal firm will explain what's needed and give you a quote to consider.

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Acknowledging your gift

If you have or are considering leaving a gift in your Will you can download our free guide (below).  Please let us know if you have remembered Landmark – we don’t need proof or details – we’d simply like to thank you. It also means you can tell us if you’d like your gift acknowledged, or would prefer to remain anonymous, and if there are specific areas of our work that you would like to benefit. You can email Linda Millard, in confidence, call her direct line 01628 512122 or write to: The Landmark Trust, Shottesbrooke, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3SW

Large or small, every gift in a Will is valuable to Landmark and makes a vital difference to our work. Your gift could help make an enduring contribution to the rich architectural heritage that surrounds us.

Download a free guide to gifts in Wills

A precious gift

We are often humbled by the enormous generosity of our supporters, including that of Anthony Calvert who bequeathed us his home earlier this year. Gifts of property make a huge difference to our work: some retained for ongoing income and, occasionally, some are sold to provide vital funds for rescuing exceptional buildings at risk. Anthony’s munificence will be long remembered and cherished.

Anthony Calvert remembered

Gifts that keep on giving

Buildings that let us form the Landmark Legacy Estate

“Landmark has over the years made, and continues to make, a unique contribution to the rescue, repair, restoration and re-use of buildings which many others would view as being beyond redemption or economically unviable. Landmark's efforts in this field deserve the support of all with an interest in protecting our built heritage. We are proud to be involved in its work by remembering the Trust in our Wills.”

Graham Reed and Nicholas Atkinson

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