A break to look forward to

2021 and 2022 holidays

Whether you're planning a break at your favourite Landmark for a special birthday or anniversary or have spotted a tantalising building in our Handbook, 2022 bookings are now open. 

At the same time, we have released 2021 bookings for our newest Landmark, Semaphore Tower in Chatley Heath, Surrey.  A unique remnant from the Napoleonic era, it is the only surviving semaphore tower in Britain and will make a magical Landmark for four, its refurbished machinery a living lesson in technological and engineering history.

Start planning your 2022 break


Please check your account details before 2022 availability is released. We want the booking process to run as smoothly as possible for you. It’d be a shame to miss out on your preferred dates at your ideal Landmark due to incorrect details, so do check your registered email and password via the ‘Sign in/Register’ link (top right-hand corner of our webpages) to ensure your login is working. If you experience any problems accessing your online account contact webmaster@landmarktrust.org.uk