Urgent appeal to safeguard Lundy

Keeping Lundy open, accessible and protected is overwhelmingly dependent on the income we receive from visitors. Whilst the island was closed during the national lockdown, we lost vital income from holiday guests and day visitors. This financial blow has put the island’s future in jeopardy: help is needed urgently if Lundy is to survive the coming winter. Please donate to support today. Thank you.

Your gift will make a difference

Most of Lundy’s income is earned during the spring and summer, so being closed due to the pandemic during peak months of the season has been devastating. Lundy’s reserves have been exhausted in supporting the island through this crisis and costs have been reduced wherever possible. Staff were furloughed, conservation work put on hold and maintenance projects postponed. Being able to reopen in July was a huge relief, yet the island’s future is now in jeopardy. Lundy simply cannot sustain itself, through the winter and into 2021, without additional support.

‘Every gift to this urgent appeal will make a difference: to the community of staff who look after Lundy and the MS Oldenburg; to wildlife conservation, education, and to the historic structures and Landmarks which are part of Lundy’s rich tapestry.’
Derek Green, Lundy General Manager

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  • Rob Waterfield, Island Manager
    Sue Waterfield, Stores Manager

    Ron and Sue Waterfield, Island Manager and Stores Manager on Lundy

    ‘Visitors are the lifeblood of the island. Being closed for 14 weeks has taken a huge toll on Lundy’s income this year. Although visitors are now returning, we cannot meet all the essential costs of keeping the island open, without your support.’

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  • Dean Woodfin Jones,
    Wildlife Warden

    Dean Woodfin Jones, Lundy Warden

    ‘Your donation will help our Conservation Team buy vital equipment and materials needed to protect Lundy’s unique wildlife, from monitoring stations for nesting seabirds, to the tools to fix our dry stone walls.’

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  • Rosie Ellis,
    Education Officer

    ‘Your support will help children learn about Lundy and the work we do to protect its wildlife, above and below the waves. We want to continue our outreach visits into schools in Devon, and to welcome schoolchildren back to the island for day trips.'

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Lifeline to Lundy

Lundy’s passenger and supply vessel, MS Oldenburg carries around 15,000 annual visitors and all supplies to the island. She is the lifeline to Lundy, and integral to the Lundy experience. The Oldenburg usually runs scheduled sailings to Lundy up to four times a week, carrying up to 267 passengers.  To make her Covid-19 secure for visitors and crew, we've had to reduce capacity by two-thirds. This means we can welcome far few visitors to Lundy while Coronavirus remains a threat - a cost the island cannot bear without extra help from you.

‘Your donation today will help us keep MS Oldenburg sailing to Lundy. You will also be supporting her crew of 10, and the shipyards who maintain her.’
Jason Mugford, Captain, MS Oldenburg

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If you would like to make a monthly gift to support Lundy please email support@landmarktrust.org.uk.

Your donation will support Lundy’s wildlife above and below the waves, its Landmarks and historic structures, and a community of staff and volunteers who, together, make Lundy so special.  Thank you.

Journey to the Sea: Lundy island with Dean

Learn more about our work to support the rich and diverse ecosystem on Lundy in this short film with Dean Woodfin Jones, island warden.

Support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund

We are delighted to announce that the National Lottery Heritage Fund has awarded Lundy a maximum grant of £250,000, from their Emergency Fund.  We are immensely grateful to the Heritage Fund for their support at this crucial time, which is thanks to the National Lottery and its players.

However, this emergency grant will only go so far – we still urgently need further help to safeguard the future of Lundy.

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