Visiting Lundy: new safety measures

A visit to Lundy has always been a refreshing and inspiring experience. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve worked hard to implement extensive new measures to make the island safe for our community of guests, staff and supporters, while retaining its charm.

Here we detail the measures we’ve introduced, and the things we’re asking of guests. You can read some recent customer feedback on these changes here.

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Government advice
We’re asking that all visitors to Lundy abide by the latest Government recommendations, including guidance regarding who can travel, socialise or stay overnight together, along with the physical distancing advice. For details of the latest rules in England, please see here.

We’re also asking that the booker of any visit to Lundy us has contact details for everyone in their party. Please note we may share a booker’s contact details and length of stay with the NHS Test and Trace service if required, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


Travelling to Lundy
To reach Lundy, guests either sail on MS Oldenburg (staying guests and day trip visitors) or travel by helicopter from Hartland Heliport (staying guests only). Travel details, including ticket prices and further information are available here.

We’re strictly adhering to all Government guidance for transport, including asking that everyone wears a face covering (unless any individual is exempt for medical reasons) and carries hand sanitiser for their own use.

Travelling by MS Oldenburg

Prior to travelling on MS Oldenburg, visitors collect tickets (and, for staying guests, luggage labels) from the Shore Office. We’re asking that only one member of each party checks into the Shore Office in order to help ensure physical distancing can be maintained.

On board MS Oldenburg, we’re asking all visitors to practice physical distancing, remain seated as much as possible and follow the guidance of our crew. The shop is closed but the bar and buffet are open.

Travelling by helicopter

At Harland Heliport, we’re asking everybody to use the hand sanitiser provided. The seating area and café will be open.

The flight to Lundy is six minutes. We will endeavour wherever possible to keep parties together for this short journey but, given the constraints of the small aircraft, there is a possibility visitors may come into close contact with people from outside their group. As such, we’re asking everybody to use hand sanitizer before and after a flight, and to wear a face covering for the duration.


Island life
Lundy offers a rare experience, with extensive open space - perfect for walking - as well as a pub, shop and church.

We’ve taken measures to ensure physical distancing can be maintained right across the island, including in the General Stores, Marisco Tavern and the public toilet facilities. We’ve introduced signage where appropriate, we’re limiting the numbers of people who can enter our outlets at any one time and are asking that visitors use contactless or card payments wherever possible.

We’re encouraging all staying guests to place any shopping orders with the General Stores in advance at least two weeks before your arrival. (we’ll deliver the goods direct to properties too).

During a visit
We are asking all visitors to Lundy that, if anyone starts to show symptoms of Coronavirus or is advised to self-isolate, they let us know as soon as possible, so appropriate measures can be taken.

If, during a stay on the island, there is an exceptional reason why a member of staff or trusted contractor may need to visit a property (for example to rectify an issue in the building), we will inform guests with as much notice as possible and adhere to all Government physical distancing rules.


The holiday experience and new ‘Covid-19 secure’ cleaning regime
We have 23 self-catering properties across Lundy, and a stay on the island has always been a relatively contact-free experience.

On arrival day, properties are available to guests as soon as they have been serviced and inspected by our housekeeping team (normally by 4pm). Once ready, they are left open with the freshly disinfected key inside.

The cleanliness of our buildings has always been paramount to us. Our small team of housekeepers clean the properties systematically; they are working at a distance from each other and wearing PPE where appropriate. We have developed new Safe Working Practices and undertaken fresh Risk Assessments, following the latest advice and working together with staff across the island and the Landmark Trust.

We have long used virucidal, commercial-grade disinfectants, but have now introduced additional products that are certified to kill Coronavirus. We are using these new products throughout our whole portfolio of Landmark Trust properties.

We’re taking extra care of high-touch surface areas, such as door handles, light switches, kettles and toasters. We are also ensuring the cleanliness of our upholstery, including armchairs and curtains. As always, our bed linen and towels are being washed to the highest standards and in accordance with the latest virus-control procedures.

Inside, we are keeping to our usual high standards of presentation. Important information about the property is presented in wipeable plastic folders or on laminated sheets. All kitchenware and crockery is clean but not sanitised, so we’re recommending that guests rewash items in hot, soapy water before use. We have always provided cleaning products in safe locations throughout our properties and, during a stay, guests will be welcome to use these freely. Given the various challenges of local supply chains, unfortunately we may not always be able to provide as much lavatory paper as we would usually like.

All Landmark Trust properties are equipped with well-loved libraries of books, along with board games and, on Lundy, an island information folder. We’ve kept these available, but as we aren’t able to sanitise each individual item during a changeover, we’ve place them on bookshelves and in cupboards and are asking guests to wash their hands thoroughly after use.

Departure is by 10am on the final day and we are asking all guests to strictly adhere to this, as it’s crucial to ensuring our housekeepers have enough time to clean the building to an enhanced standard while following the Government physical distancing rules.

To help keep our staff safe, we’re asking guests to strip their beds and place the sheets into the laundry bags provided, as well as removing bin liners to the external dustbin and recycling bins on departure.


For information about our measures elsewhere in the Landmark Trust, read here.