Long-term Volunteers

Volunteering opportunities – Lundy 2022

Looking to gain experience in conservation? Want to get away from the busy mainland and experience living on a small isolated island? Want to surround yourself with breath-taking land and seascapes, interesting and thoughtful people and a wide range of fascinating and beautiful plants and animals? Well then why not apply to volunteer on the wonderful island of Lundy?

Once again we are inviting a number of lucky individuals to come to Lundy in 2022 to help the island's Conservation Team throughout the sailing season.  

No specific qualifications or work experience is necessary to apply. However, candidates who have previous work experience in a similar role, are working towards a career in conservation, have a relevant qualifications and/or are experienced and enthusiastic birders/wildlife recorders will be well placed.

Positions available include:

Volunteer Assistant Ranger - 1 position available: April 3rd – October 29th. 

Essential: Some form of practical experience. Desirable: Practical qualifications e.g. LANTRA Brushcutter etc. 

Volunteer Assistant Warden (Seabirds) - 1 position available: April 15th until July 28th.  

Volunteer Bird Observatory Assistant Wardens - 2 positions available: March 31st until July 2nd or September 13th until 28th October. 
Essential Skills: Confident on migrating bird identification. Desirable skills: Experience bird ringing or exceptional candidates may already hold a ringing licence. 

Volunteer Assistant Warden (Atlantic Grey Seals) - 1 position available: July 28th until October 1st

Volunteer Marine Festival Warden - 1 position available: July 2nd until September 13th 
Essential skills: Rocky shore survey or similar. Desirable: Familiarity with SCUBA diving equipment.  

Role descriptions

Assistant Wardens: The work will be varied but will primarily involve the conservation and monitoring of the island's important seabird and seals colonies but also migrating bird surveys, butterfly transects, moth trapping and helping out the Ranger team with practical management tasks such as Rhododendron seedling searches, dry stone walling, etc. Involvement in more general island duties such as helping in the island recycling plant, housekeeping and visitor engagement will also be required. 

Assistant Ranger: Work includes a wide range of practical conservation and estate management tasks including; grounds' maintenance, dry-stone walling, Rhododendron eradication, Bracken management, vegetation control, stock fencing, footpath maintenance, volunteer supervision, tree maintenance, etc – as well as helping out the Warden team with the various monitoring efforts and general island duties mentioned above.   

Volunteer Marine Festival Warden: 2022 will mark the 50th anniversary of the island's Marine Protected Area (MPA), the oldest such MPA in the UK. To celebrate, we are hosting a Marine Festival, from 14th July until 11th September. A wide variety of marine citizen science projects (both on the shore and under water) are planned, together with a number of activities, games and competitions for visitors, all designed to make people aware of the MPA. The Festival Warden will act as a focal, on-island, knowledge point for these activities, informing people how to get involved, as well as getting involved yourself! Visiting experts will be on hand from time to time to help out too. One task you will be expected to do is to fill diving bottles using the island's brand new compressor. A good UK marine biological knowledge is required, as well as being out-going and easy to approach.

More than anything, we are looking for people with a passion for conservation and wildlife, have a desire to learn about and contribute to a wide range of tasks and who want to immerse themselves fully in the life of a small but loving and vibrant island community.  

To note, candidates should be of a hardy nature as working days can be long and in a range of weather conditions. Additionally, applicants must also be willing to and be capable of working near cliffs and steep slopes safely. 

Hostel style accommodation will be provided for the majority of your stay on the island which will be shared with the other Wardens, Rangers and a number of scientific researchers. Due to infrastructure work it is likely that for some of the season volunteers will have to camp so this year we are asking volunteers to bring their own tent. 

Some meals (lunch and dinner or a shop budget) are provided in exchange for time spent helping either the Housekeeping Team and/or Tavern Staff. Additionally those applying for an Assistant Ranger position - in turn for all your hard work throughout the season, you will be provided with a suitable training course at the end of your post.

Closing date for all applicants is by 11:59 pm on 5th February 2022.

All interviews will be held for this position in the week commencing 14th February 2022.

To receive an application and role description, please contact the island Warden via warden@lundyisland.co.uk.