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Jo Bell at Lengthsman’s Cottage

Join Jo for some canalside poetry and non-fiction work

Jo Bell is a poet and writer and organises events and virtual villages for writes, amongst many things.  In this recording, of a live event held on 26 March at Lengthsman’s Cottage, Jo reads from Navigation and Kith her collections of poems partly written whist she was the Canal Laureate for the Canal and Rivers Trust in 2014 – 15, and talks to our Engagement Manger about spring time, life on the canal, the spoken word and her Covid experiences.

Watch the waterside session

Sir Baptist Hicks & the Building of Old Campden House

with Landmark Historian Caroline Stanford

A look at the life and times of this self-made Jacobean mercer and money-lender, who made a fortune supplying the court with both the fine fabrics for their costumes and the means to pay for them. Hear how he channelled his wealth into the magnificent mansion, banqueting houses and grounds at Chipping Campden, bringing the height of Court fashion to a sleepy Cotswold town. Although his great mansion is now lost, Sir Baptist’s Banqueting Houses are among our most captivating buildings. 

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