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The Landmark Trust



Booking Enquiries

01628 825925
(+44) 1628 825925
Fax 08432 906896
Booking Enquiries is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5.00pm.

Customer satisfaction

Out of hours

Our normal working hours are 9am to 5.00pm, if you are calling outside of these hours and you have an emergency situation relating to one of our buildings which requires immediate assistance, or if you are calling from the Emergency Services, please contact Pharos, our external Emergency Response Provider on  0330 2236 112.

Other enquiries

01628 825920 
(+44) 1628 825920​
Fax 08432 906896

Land and Property

For Land, Commercial and Residential Property queries (including legal questions, boundaries and wider estate land) please contact:

Simon Verdon (Head of Land and Property)
01628 512108

Lauren Timms (Estates Manager)
01628 512125

Media enquiries 

01628 512159
(+44) 1628 512159
Visit our Media page​​

Supporting our work

01628 825920
(+44) 1628 825920

Data protection

01628 825920
(+44) 1628 825920​


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